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Printing the test chart in Windows:



It is best to print the test chart with  Adobe® Color Printer Utility® (Win XP - 7 -8)


If you do not have this utility, you can download it HERE for free.


Open the test chart from within ACPU® and use the option "Scale to fit" in order to get the whole test chart printed.

You should scale the test chart to fit the A4 paper, otherwise parts of the chart could fall off the paper, rendering the test chart useless.


Don't forget to select the proper paper quality (or the best matching) and to set the print quality to the desired setting you will use to print the images.


You need a printer profile for every paper quality and print quality setting, so you have to print a test chart for every paper and quality setting.


Save the printer settings, so you can recall them when printing your images.

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