Download the order form:


Fill out the order form and print it (on normal paper) - also send the data by  email for a safer processing.


Make the payment through a bank order.


Print the adress label:


Cut out the label and stick it on the front side of an A4 envelope


Wrap the printed test chart between two sheets of copying paper, together with the order form and put them in the A4 envelope.


Send the envelope to us.

As soon as we receive the payment we'll measure the profile and send it back to you by email.

This is how to download the order form and adress label:


Right click (or option click on older mac's) on the image on the left, in the context dropdown menu choose the option:

- Save linked file as...

- Save Target as...

- Save Link as...


Navigate to your desktop or download folder and save the order form or adress label, without changing the name.


It is reccomended to open the order form with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro (paid) or Adobe® Reader® (free), otherwise it could be impossible to fill in the form electronically.


You don't have Adobe® Reader®? You can download here:




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